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The paintball crew


The Short Version:
I created this site to help paintballers like you, find the information needed to fix your Paintball gun and get you back in the game.

The Version with More Words:

I think you know the story.  As soon as I picked up my first paintball gun and felt the rush of shooting at my friends as I ran for cover, I was hooked! Thanks Ron.


Then there were the markers.  Oh the beautiful markers. I bought em, tried them, and had to learn to fixed them, which for me meant lots of learning through researching. Lots of hunting and researching.  

One of my frustrations was the time it sometimes took to track down a list of O-Rings or troubleshooting info for whatever marker I was working on at the time.  Manuals and the PBNation forums were a tremendous resource (and always will be) for gathering this info, but after I had it, I felt compelled to share it with my fellow paint-ballers, wherever they may roam. And the idea for this website was born.

This site is responsive, which means you can access it at home or at the field via your smartphone, tablet or whatever you've got. Enjoy!

Arend Pryor


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