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G3: Bolt Stick

If your marker is having a problem with the Bolt sticking, check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

  • Make sure you start with a brand new battery in your gun as an old one will cause issues.

  • Yes, the right lube can make all the difference. If your G3 came with DP-40 lube, toss it. Next, remove your back cap and bolt and wipe them down to remove any excess lube as this can cause bolt stick. Also, use a squeegee or rag to wipe down the inside of the breach as well. Lube the back cap and breach/body o-rings with a small amount of Dow33 (or other recommended lube) and reassemble. Do not lube the bolt itself.

Too Much or Wrong Lube:
  • If wiping down your bolt doesn't resolve the problem, try a thinner lube than you are currently using.  The following lubes are recommended: Dow33, Violent PB Jelly, Monkey Poo, Lurker Lube, or TechT Gun Sav. If you're already using Dow33, you can try thinning your lube by wiping down your bolt and then adding a drop of oil to the o-rings. Tri-Flow or Gold Cup oil are good choices. Do not lube the bolt itself.

Thin Out Your Lube:
  • Try Increasing your Dwell and ABS and/or using one of the lubes recommended above.

When Playing in Cold Weather:
  • If the above items don't fix the problem, try replacing the back cap o-rings and lube them with a small amount of Dow33 (or Tri Flow oil) before reassembling. Do not put lube or oil on the bolt.

    • #11 - Back Cap o-ring: 13mm ID x 2mm CS

    • #12 - Back Cap o-ring: 21.95mm ID x 1.78mm CS

Back Cap Stem O-Ring:
Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.16.39 PM.png
  • If at this point you still have bolt stick, try servicing (or replacing) your solenoid. Reference the Solenoid page for details. 

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