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DM12: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

Set LPR/HPR to Default
  • Start by setting the LPR and HPR to their stock setting

    • LPR: 2 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

    • HPR: 3 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

Fuse Bolt:
  • Use a 1/4” allen key to remove the Fuse bolt and replace the following o-rings:

    • #2 - Bolt Sail: 015

    • #7 - Bolt - Outer Sleeve: 020 (Replace the 4 front-most o-rings)

Bolt - Exploded View:
  • If the above doesn't stop the leak, you'll need to remove the front and rear trigger frame screws & separate the frame from the body. Next, air up the gun and verify where the leak is coming from.

Verify Location of the Leak:
Gas Passage Set Screws:
  • Remove your grip frame and you'll notice 3 screw holes near the back of the frame (Front, middle & rear) above the LPR. Air up your marker. If the leak is coming from the middle screw, degas your marker, and apply threadlock (Loctite - blue) to the threads and reinstall. Wait for it to dry before airing up your marker. Then, don't touch this screw again.

    • Note: Front is the grip frame screw, the rear holds the LPR in place

  • Take out the rear set screw, remove the LPR, and replace the o-rings listed below. Lube with Dye slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube) before reassembling. Reference the video below for details on disassembling

    • #8 - LPR - Seat Retainer: 010

    • #5 - LPR - Body: 012 (x2)

  • If the leak is coming from the solenoid, remove the two solenoid mounting screws & inspect the solenoid seat/gasket underneath. Replace it if damaged. Lube this gasket & reassemble making sure you don't pinch the eye-wires.

LPR Removal:
  • Starts at 16:56

LPR - Exploded View:
DM12 - Solenoid:
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