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DM12: Leaking Down Barrel

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

  • Bolt: Using a 1/4” allen key, remove your fuse bolt and replace the o-rings listed below either one at a time, or all at once. Lube the Top Hat Internal o-rings with a generous amount of Dye slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube). Outer sleeve o-rings should get a small amount of lube.

    • #2 - Bolt Sail: 015

    • #4 - Cylinder Internal (Beer Can): 017

    • #5 - Bolt - Top Hat Internal (Lg Front): 017

    • #6 - Bolt - Top Hat Internal (Sm Rear): 014

    • #7 - Bolt - Outer Sleeve: 020 (x5) (Front-most o-ring)

Bolt - Maintenance:
  • Bolt details start at: 05:14

Bolt - Exploded View:
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