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DM12: Leaking from Back

If your marker is leaking from the rear, check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

ID the Source:
  • Start by trying to verify where the leak is coming from, the bolt or LPR. Place your finger over the rear bolt hole. If the leak stops, or you feel air pressure start to build up, replace the o-rings in the Fuse Bolt section. Otherwise, replace the LPR o-rings shown below.

Fuse Bolt:
  • If it is, use a 1/4” allen key to remove the fuse bolt and replace the bolt Stem o-rings and the 2 large o-rings on the rear bolt cap (aka the outer sleeve). 

    • #3 - Bolt Stem: 011 (x2)

    • #7 - Outer Sleeve: 020 (3 on rear cap)

Fuse Bolt - Exploded View:
Gas Passage Set Screw:
  • Remove your grip frame and you'll notice 3 screw holes near the back of the frame (Front, middle & rear) above the LPR. Air up your marker. If the leak is coming from the middle screw, degas your marker, and apply threadlock (Loctite - blue) to the threads and reinstall. Wait for it to dry before airing up your marker. Then, don't touch this screw again.

  • If you still have a leak, remove the LPR and replace the rear body o-rings. While disassembled, inspect the reg seat (small black plug within the adjustment screw) for damage and replace if needed. Reference the Maintenance page or the video below for steps on removing the LPR.

    •  #5 - LPR Body: 012 (x2)

LPR - Maintenance:
  • Starts at 16:56

LPR - Exploded View:
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