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DM12: Tuning

If you need help tuning your marker, use the info below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

Video Resource:
  • Check out the following video from Mike at TechPB for steps on tuning your DM:

LPR Tuning on the Dye Matrix:
  1. Items Needed:

    • Air Tank with air

    • Paintballs

    • Chronograph to measure FPS

    • Hex keys to adjust your LPR & HPR

    • Good Paint to bore match: This is important for consistent chrono readings

  2. Steps:

    1. Turn on your DM

    2. Use a hex key to turn your LPR all the way in (clockwise)

    3. Air up your marker & the bolt should stick forward

    4. Turn your LPR out slowly (counter clockwise) until the bolt jumps back

    5. Turn the eyes off & fire your marker (no paintballs yet). The bolt should jump back each time

    6. Add paintballs to your hopper, turn the eyes on, & fire one shot at a time over a chrono trying to get a velocity of roughly 295 FPS. Adjust the HPR as needed (Clockwise to decrease, counter clockwise to increase). Note, FPS will not be consistent at this point.

    7. Back out the LPR a quarter turn at a time shooting a few shots in between. Your FPS should tighten up around your target of 295 FPS (plus or minus 5 FPS)

    8. Repeat adjusting your HPR as needed and backing out your LPR slowly until your velocity/FPS are consistent

Tuning Steps
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