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DM9: Default Settings

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Board Settings:
  • Trigger Sensitivity - Green LED: 5

  • Dwell - Red LED: 18ms

  • Rate of Fire - Blue LED: 13.3bps

  • Firing Mode - Yellow LED: 1 NPPL/Semi automatic Mode

The above settings can only be modified while in configuration mode.

Entering Config Mode:

  • Power off your marker, remove your grip to access the board, & set DIP switch 2 to the On (up) position

  • Power your marker on & the LED will cycle through all available colors to confirm it's now in config mode

  • Pulling the trigger will allow you to cycle through the 4 available settings

Changing Settings:

  • From config mode, pull & hold the trigger for more than one secondThe LED will flash x number of times to indicate the previous setting

  • You can now set a new value using trigger pulls

  • As an example:

    • To change your dwell to 17ms, after entering into config mode, pull the trigger until the LED is Red.

    • Next, pull & hold the trigger until the LED starts to flash. The number of flashes will indicate the current setting

    • Once the LED stops flashing, quickly pull the trigger 17 times & stop for at least one second

    • The LED will flash all available colors to confirm the new value has been saved

    • Repeat this process to change additional settings

    • When done, power off your marker & set DIP switch 2 to the off (down) position

Reference page 8 - 11 of the manual for details on LED light indicators and DIP switch settings.

Regulator Defaults:
  • LPR: 2 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise (75psi)

  • Hyper2: 3 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise (145psi)

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