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DM9: Hyper3 Reg Leak

If your marker is leaking from the HPR. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

First Things First:
  • Completely degas your marker then air it back up to test for leaks. If the leak continues, move on to the next step below.

Determine Location:
  • Before removing and disassembling your Hyper2 regulator, you need to determine where the leak is coming from. The top, the small hole in the side, swivel, or bottom of the reg. Reference the sections below for details on o-rings to replace, an exploded view  of the HPR reg, and a maintenance video showing steps to disassemble.  

    • Note: All o-rings should be lubed with Dye Slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube)

Leaking from the Bottom:
  • Start by replacing the reg seat Retainer (adjustment screw) o-ring. Lube with Dye Slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube) and reassemble. If this does not fix the problem, try replacing the reg seat (small black plug) within the adjustment screw. 

    • HPR - Retainter: 010

Leaking from the Swivel/Body:
  • Replace the 2 reg body o-rings. Be sure to also verify that your macro line is pulled tight on both ends, is not leaking, & is free of debris. 

    • HPR - Swivel: 013 (x2)

Leaking from the Vent Hole:
  • Replace both piston o-rings. Use an o-ring pick from the adjustment screw side to push out the small piston o-ring (007) found inside the reg body. When reinstalling, be sure to lube the o-ring first, drop it into the hole and use a q-tip to push it into place.

    • HPR - Piston (Small - in Reg Body): 007 UR90

    • HPR - Piston (Lg): 015

Leaking from the Top:
  • Replace both reg cap o-rings listed below. Be careful with reassembling the body and cap to make sure you don't damage the larger of the two o-rings.

    • #12 - HPR - Reg Cap (Lg): 012

    • #14 - HPR - Reg Cap (Sm): 011

Hyper3 Stock Settings:
  • Be sure to adjust your Hyper3 to its stock, or previous, settings. Start by turning the adjuster screw in/clockwise all the way, then to the default shown below

    • HPR: 3 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

Hyper3 - Maintenance:
  • Starts at 08:08

Hyper3 - Exploded View:
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