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Maxxed Rize: Back Leak

If your marker is leaking from the rear, check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

Input Pressure:
  • Verify that your Hyper3 reg is supplying enough air pressure to your marker

  • If you’re unsure, degas your marker and turn the adjustment screw in (clockwise) until you feel some resistance

  • Now turn it to the stock setting of 2 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

  • From there, keep turning out a quarter turn at a time and chrono it to get the desired velocity

    • Note: Be sure not to go above 300fps

Rize Bolt:
  • Make sure your bolt is fully tightened

  • If it's still leaking once tightened, place your finger over the rear bolt hole. If the leak stops, or you feel air pressure start to build up, use a 1/4" allen key to remove your Rize bolt and replace the o-rings shown below.

    • #5 - Bolt Stem: 009 (x2)

    • #1 - Rear Cap - Outer: 020 (x2)

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