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Maxxed Rize: Defaults

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Default Settings:

The settings below can only be changed while in configuration mode. To activate this mode, turn off your marker & set DIP switch #2 to the "ON" position. Turn on your marker. The LED’s will cycle through multiple colors as an indication that you've entered config mode. Next, pull and release the trigger to cycle through the 4 available settings.


To modify a setting:  

  • Pull the trigger to cycle through the different settings

  • When the LED displays the color for the setting want to change, pull & hold the trigger until it starts to flash

  • The LED will indicate the current setting by flashing a certain number of times, then stop

    • To change the setting, pull the trigger x number of times, where x is equal to the new setting

    • Note: You have to enter a value. If you change your mind, enter the previous value.

  • When you finish, the LED will cycle through multiple colors indicating that the new setting was saved & it will turn back to green.

  • At this point, you can change another setting or exit config mode

  • To quit config mode, set DIP switch 2 to the "OFF" position

  • Green - Trigger Sensitivity: 5 (amount of time that the trigger has to be released before the next trigger pull is allowed)

  • Red - Dwell: 40ms  (amount of time that the solenoid will be activated)

  • Blue - Rate of Fire: 3  (10bps )

  • Yellow - Firing Mode: 1 (Semi-automatic Mode)

  • Hyper3: 2 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

Reference the manual for details on LED light indicators and DIP switch settings.

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