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Maxxed Rize: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

Set Hyper3 to Default
  • Start by setting the Hyper3 reg to it's stock setting of 2 1/2 turns out from all the way in. From there, continue a quarter turn at a time outwards (counter-clockwise) to increase pressure.

    • Note: Too much or too little air pressure will cause issues such as leaks.

  • Remove your grip screws and your grip to expose the three wire connections on the right-side of the grip. You'll need to unplug the left (eyes - 4 wires) and top-most connectors (solenoid - 2 wires). The bottom connector (capacitor - 2 wires) can stay.

  • Next, remove the front and rear trigger frame screws and carefully wiggle to separate the two halves, making sure to carefully feed the disconnected wires through

  • Visually inspect the black hoses connected to the solenoid for damage

  • Next, air up the gun and try to verify where the leak is coming from. 

  • If from one of the hoses, replace the hose

  • If from the bolt, remove it and start by replacing the outer and bolt sail orings.

    • #3 - Bolt Sail: 015

    • #1 - Cylinder Outer Sleeve: 020 (qty. 2)

    • #1 - Bolt Cage (Manifold) Outer Sleeve: 020

    • #1 - Rear Cap - Outer: 020 (x2)

Solenoid Hoses & Bolt:
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