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Maxxed Rize: Hyper3 Leak

If your marker is leaking from the HPR. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

Verify Location:
  • Before removing and disassembling your Hyper3 regulator, you need to determine where the leak is coming from (the top, small hole in the side, or the bottom). Check out the info below for details on which orings to replace based on the area leaking.

    • Note: All o-rings should be lubed with Dye Slick lube.

Leaking from the Top:
  • Replace both reg cap o-rings (small & large) as well as the one between the body and the reg. Lube with Dye Slick lube. Be careful when reassembling the body and cap to make sure you don't damage the larger of the two o-rings.

  • Steps to disassemble this portion of the reg:

    • Check out the video or steps below​

  • Before you begin, be sure to discharge/degass your marker

  • Next, remove the macro line from the fitting on the side of reg 

  • Place a wrench on the nut at the top of the reg to hold it in place, then grab the lower half and unscrew it by hand. Tip: If it's on tight, you can use a small strap wrench instead of your hand

  • You can now remove the top portion of the reg using an allen key to loosen the screw that attaches it to the body

    • Reg Top/Cap (large): 020

    • Reg Top/Cap (small): 014

    • Between Reg & Marker Body: 015

Hyper3: (Starts @ 09:05)
Leaking from the macro line swivel:
  • Verify that your macro line is pulled tight on both ends and is not leaking due to improper installation

Leaking from the Vent Hole:
  • Replace both piston o-rings. Use an o-ring pick from the adjustment screw side to push out the small piston o-ring found inside the reg body. When reinstalling, be sure to lube the o-ring first, then drop it into the hole and use a q-tip to push it into place. Both o-rings should be lubed with Dye Slick lube.

    • Piston (small): 007 - UR90

    • Piston (large): 018

Leaking from the Bottom:
  • Start by replacing the reg seat retainer (adjustment screw) o-ring. Lube with Dye Slick lube and reassemble. If this does not fix the problem, try replacing the reg seat (small black plug) within the adjustment screw. 

    • Note: There's a hole on the allen key side of the adjustment screw. Use a small allen key or metal pick to push out the reg seat. It takes at least 2000 shots to break in the reg seat.

      • Seat Retainer (brass adjustment screw): 010

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