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Maxxed Rize: Maintenance

Three digit numbers (example 011) indicate o-ring sizes. Pound-sign indicates ID/number from the manual

Skipping this maintenance will cause your gun to break down and get you lit up like a Christmas tree.

Best Lubes for your Marker:
  • Dye slick lube

Between Games:
  • Clean your barrel

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker

  • If you had a paintball brake in your barrel (or breech), remove your barrel and/or look down your feedneck and make sure the eye sensors are clean and working correctly.

  • Repeat the items above.

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker. 

  • Bolt: Use a 1/4 allen key to remove the Rize bolt. Once removed, inspect the o-rings for damage. Replace any o-rings that appear worn or damaged and lube all of the bolt o-rings with Dye slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube). Lube should be rubbed into the orings and you should not see any excess globs. The bolt o-rings should get slightly more than the outer cylinder since the bolt is a moving part.

    • Rize Bolt o-ring list:

      • #4 - Bolt Tip: 014

      • #3 - Bolt Sail: 015

      • #6 - Rear Bumper:  13x2mm BN90

      • #5 - Bolt Stem: 009 (x2)

      • #2 - Cylinder Internal (Front): 017

      • #1 - Cylinder Outer Sleeve: 020 (qty. 2)

      • #4 - Bolt Cage (Manifold) Internal: 014

      • #1 - Bolt Cage (Manifold) Outer Sleeve: 020

      • #1 - Rear Cap - Outer: 020 (x2)

After 1-2 Cases of Paint:
Bolt Maint: (Starts @ 30:05)
After 2-4 Cases of Paint:
  • Repeat the items above

  • Repeat the items above.

After 10 Cases of Paint (1 Month):
After 20 Cases of Paint (2 Months):
  • Repeat the items above.

  • Hyper3 Regulator: 

    • The Hyper 3 Reg doesn't require much internal maintenance

    • At 60k shots or 6 months you should replace the reg seat. There's a hole on the allen key side of the adjustment screw. Use a small allen key or metal pick to push out the reg seat. Note: It takes at least 2000 shots to break in the reg seat.

    • For those that want/need to disassemble their reg, check out the video and/or steps below

    • Before you begin, be sure to discharge/degass your marker

    • Next, remove the macro line from the fitting on the side of reg 

    • Place a wrench on the nut at the top of the reg to hold it in place, then grab the lower half and unscrew it by hand. Tip: If it's on tight, you can use a small strap wrench instead of your hand

    • You can now remove the top portion of the reg using an allen key to loosen the screw that attaches it to the body

    • Next, using thin tipped needle nose pliers, remove the c-clip from the bottom of the regulator then unscrew the seat retainer (aka adjustment screw) and remove it using a 3/16 allen key

    • Once removed, use something soft like the eraser end of a pencil to push out the piston

    • Wipe down the components of the Hyper3 to remove any excess lube and debris, and inspect the o-rings for damage. Replace any o-rings that appear worn or damaged and lube them with Dye slick lube. Follow these steps in reverse to reassemble your Hyper3 

    • Shim stack should be as follows: )()()()()()( 

      • Hyper3 o-ring list:

        • Seat Retainer (brass adjustment screw): 010

        • Piston (small): 007 - UR90

        • Piston (large): 018

        • Reg Top/Cap (large): 020

        • Reg Top/Cap (small): 014

        • Between Reg & Marker Body: 015

Hyper3 Maint: (Starts @ 09:05)
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