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Maxxed Rize: Velocity Issue

Marker has inconsistent velocity or you're not able to adjust the pressure. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.

Inconsistent Velocity:
  • Battery: 

    • Start with a new battery as an old one can cause issues with firing your marker

  • Dwell: 

    • Dwell is set to low. Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default of 40ms

  • Reg Seat:

    • Check the reg seat for damage as a damaged one can cause irregular pressure issues 

    • The reg seat should be replaced every 60k shots or 6 months. There's a hole on the allen key side of the adjustment screw. Use an allen key or metal pick to push out the reg seat.

      • Note: It'll take 2000 shots to break it in

  • Air Pressure: 

    • Verify that your Hyper3 reg is supplying enough air pressure to your marker. If you’re unsure, degas your marker and turn the adjustment screw in (clockwise) until you feel some resistance. Now turn it to the stock setting of 2 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise. From there, keep turning out a quarter turn at a time and chrono it to the desired velocity.

      • Note: Don't go above 300fps

  • Bolt: 

    • Remove the Rize bolt and replace any o-rings that appear to be worn or damaged. Pay special attention to the bolt tip and Internal Cylinder (aka beer can) o-rings as they may need to be replaced. Lube all o-rings with Dye Slick lube (or Dow33 based lube) before re-assembling. 

      • #4 - Bolt Tip: 014

      • #2 - Cylinder Internal (Front): 017

  • Paint: 

    • Check that you have a good paint to barrel match and that you are using quality paintballs. Check out the video below for more details.

How to Bore Match Paintballs:
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