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G5: Bolt Stick

If your marker is having a problem with the Bolt sticking, check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

  • Make sure you start with a brand new battery in your gun as an old one will cause issues.

  • Yes, the right lube can make all the difference. If you're using the DP-40 lube that came with your G5, toss it. Next, remove your back cap and bolt and wipe them down to remove any excess lube as this can cause bolt stick. Also, use a squeegee or rag to wipe down the inside of the breach as well. Lube the back cap and breach/body o-rings with a small amount of Dow33 (or other recommended lube) and reassemble. Note: It is not recommended to use DP-40 lube.

Too Much or Wrong Lube:
  • If wiping down your bolt doesn't resolve the problem, try a thinner lube than you are currently using.  The following lubes are recommended: Dow33, Violent PB Jelly, Monkey Poo, Lurker Lube, or TechT Gun Sav. If you're already using Dow33, you can try thinning it your lube by wiping down your bolt and then adding a drop of oil to the o-rings. Tri-Flow or Gold Cup oil are good choices.

Thin Out Your Lube:
  • Try Increasing your Dwell and ABS and/or using one of the lubes recommended above.

When Playing in Cold Weather:
  • If the above items don't fix the problem, try replacing the back cap stem o-ring and lube with a small amount of Dow33 (or other recommended lube) before reassembling.

    • #10 - Back Cap Stem o-ring (small): 13mm ID x 2mm CS

Back Cap Stem O-Ring:
Dangerous Power G5 Bolt & Back Cap
  • If at this point you still have bolt stick, try servicing (or replacing) your solenoid. Reference the Solenoid page for details. 

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