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DP G5: Maintenance

Three digit numbers (example 011) indicate o-ring sizes. Pound-sign indicates ID/number from the manual

Best Lubes for your G5:
  • Dow33, Violent PB Jelly, Monkey Poo, Lurker Lube, TechT Gun Sav

Between Games:
  • Clean your barrel

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker

  • Remove the back cap and bolt and wipe them down to remove any lube or debris. Next, inspect the o-rings on the back cap for any visible damage and replace o-rings if needed. Before reinstalling, lube the o-rings on the back cap with a small amount of Dow33. Be sure to put a small amount of lube on the 2 internal breach/body o-rings that come in contact with the bolt, found inside the breach. If you do this, you do not need to put lube on your bolt. The numbers below (#10) correspond with the diagrams found in the manual.

    • #10 - Back Cap Stem o-ring (small): 13mm ID x 2mm CS

    • #11 - Back Cap thread o-ring (small): 21.95mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #12 - Back Cap thread o-ring (large): 23.52mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #2 - Breach o-ring (small): 17.7mm ID x 1.78 CS

    • #3 - Breach o-ring (large): 19mm ID x 2mm CS

After 1-2 Cases of Paint:
G5 Maintenance Video
After 2-4 Cases of Paint:
  • Repeat the items above

  • Repeat the items above.

  • Remove the Operating Pressure Regulator (aka OPR or HPR) by unscrewing it (counterclockwise) from the body of your marker. Next, separate the cap and body using the strength from your Hulk like hands or with the help of a strap wrench. Once separated, remove the regulator piston and spring. Using an allen key on each side (1/4" and 7/32") of the reg body, turn counterclockwise to remove the piston seal from inside of the body of the regulator. The adjustment screw can now be removed using a 1/8" allen key; turn clockwise then push the adjustment screw through to the other side to remove it. Lube the o-rings listed below with Dow33 (or other suggested lube) before reassembling.  The numbers below (#10) correspond with the diagrams found in the manual.

    • #80 - Piston o-ring: 10.82mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #80 - Piston seal o-ring (external): 10.82mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #84 - Piston seal o-ring (internal): 5.29mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #73 - Adjustment screw o-ring: 3.69mm ID x 1.78mm CS 

After 10 Cases of Paint (1 Month):
After 20 Cases of Paint (2 Months):
  • Repeat the items above

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