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Vanquish GT: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

First Things First:
  • Before starting, make sure your air tank is providing enough air pressure to your marker and that the pressure reading from your display is below 200psi

  • If you still have the issue, remove your air tank and any paintballs within the marker. Degas your marker and make sure the pressure reading on your display now reads as, LOW.

  • Next, power off your marker

  • Check the following, in the order shown below:

Firing Engine:
  • Remove the Back Cap by pushing and holding the release button at the rear of the marker and ensure the front and rear are pointed in a safe direction before removing.

  • With the button pressed, pull on the Back Cap to remove the firing engine

  • Replace the o-ring listed below. Lube with Dow33:

    • Bolt - Replace the Rear Most O-Ring:

      • 016 (Urethane 70) - #32 V16 Bolt (#7 on page 26)

  • Completely wipe down the different sections of the firing engine with a clean rag & lube all O-rings with a small amount of Dow 33

  • Once finished, re-assemble the firing engine and gas up your marker to test for leaks. If you still have a leak, continue to the next section

  • If needed, reference the video below showing how to perform maintenance on a Vanquish firing engine.

  • Additional steps are included below if you still have a leak

Firing Engine Maintenance:
Marker Body:
  • Remove the firing engine once again and this time set it aside

  • Using a 3/32" hex wrench, remove the screw that secures the body to the grip frame, located in the front of the marker where the barrel meets the body

  • There are three potential areas where the problem exists. You can replace the o-rings one section at time and re-test for leaks or all at once.

  • Area 1: Air Transfer O-Ring

    • Replace the air transfer o-ring located on the underside of the Body just behind the main circuit board

      • 1mm x 5mm (Buna 70) - #22 Air Transfer

  • Area 2: Circuit Board

    • Next, remove the circuit board and replace the o-ring located on the Pressure Sensor (Silver cylinder located near the rear of the circuit board)

      • 011 (Buna 70) - #25 Main Circuit Board

  • Area 3: Solenoid Body

    • Lastly, remove the solenoid and replace the 3 o-rings on the underside of the body

      • 1mm x 5mm x3 (Buna 70) - #22 Solenoid Body

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