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Vanquish GT: Leaking Down Barrel

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

First Things First:
  • Before starting, be sure you're using a new battery and a full tank of air.

Firing Engine:
  • Before starting, remove your air tank and any paintballs within the marker. Also, be sure the pressure reading on your display reads as, LOW. Next, power off your marker

  • Firing Engine:

    • Remove the Back Cap by pushing and holding the release button at the rear of the marker and ensure the front and rear are pointed in a safe direction before removing

    • With the button pressed, pull on the Back Cap to remove the firing engine

    • Start by inspecting and/or replacing the o-rings listed below. Lube with Dow33:

      • Air Guide - Front Most O-Rings:

        • 020 (Urethane 70) - V16 Air Guide (#2 on pg. 26)

        • 017 (Urethane 70) - #29 V16 Air Guide (#3 on pg 26)

      • V16 Rod - Tip:

        • 012 (Urethane 70) - #33 V16 Rod Tip (#8 on page 26)

      • Wipe everything down with a clean rag & lube all O-rings with a small amount of Dow 33

      • Once finished, gas up your marker and test for leaks

        • Video showing how to perform maintenance on a Vanquish GT firing engine

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