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Vanquish GT: Def Settings

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Default Settings:
  • Dwell: 12ms

  • Config - Shooting Related Settings

    • Fire Mode: Semi

      • One shot per trigger pull, up to max rate of fire setting

    • Rate of Fire Cap: Default = Off

    • Rate of Fire: 8bps

      • Maximum allowed rate of fire

    • Pull Debounce (PULL DEB): 4ms

      • Amount of time the trigger must remain pulled to register as a trigger pull

    • Release Debounce (REL DEB): 6ms

      • Amount of time the trigger should remain released before another shot can be registered

    • AMB Level (Anti-Mechanical Bounce): 0

      • Helps avoid run-away, or extra shots

    • Ball in Place (BIP) Delay: 30s

      • Amount of time that must pass after a shot before ABS is activated

    • Anti-Bolt Stick (ABS) Dwell: 10ms

      • Amount of time the dwell is increased by for the first shot when ABS is activated

    • Ramp Start: 3 Shots

      • Number of semi-auto shots that must be fired before ramping will start

    • Ramp Sustain: 3TPS (trigger pulls per second)

      • Number of TPS that must be achieved and sustained for ramp to kick in.

    • Ramp Reset: 1.0 second

      • Time that must pass before ramp start will reset

    • Burst Shots: 3 Shots

      • Number of shots fired during each trigger pull when mode is set to Burst or PSP B

  • System Menu

    • Game Timer: 7:10 (7 mins, 10 seconds)

      • Game timer countdown duration

    • Timer Alarm: Default = On

      • When "On," an audible alarm will sound when one minute remains from the timer. Will continue to make noise after timer expires.

    • Trigger CMD: Default = Both

      • After holding the trigger for 1 second while the marker is Live, Trigger Command allows the marker to perform a function, either Force Shot, or Toggle the Eyes On or Off, or both.

    • Dwell Lock: Default = On

      • When selected ON, changing the Dwell Setting in any of the 3 user configurations (C1, C2, C3) will change the dwell for all 3 configurations. When OFF, the dwell in each user configuration can be changed independently

    • Brightness: 50%

      • Indicates the level of brightness from the display when the screen is not dimmed

    • Dim Time: 10 seconds

      • The elapsed time after the last joystick activation in which the screen will dim to save power.

    • Auto Off: 10 minutes

      • The elapsed time after the last trigger activation in which marker will shut off to save power.

    • Custom Boot: Default boot screen is displayed

      • This setting allows the user to turn the use of the custom boot screen graphics on/off. Custom boot screens can be made and downloaded using the Vanquish Boot Screen Editor and the Vanquish USB Tool software

    • Boot Time: 3 seconds

      • This setting changes the amount of time the boot up splash screen is displayed when the marker is turned on. This time is adjustable from 0-5seconds with a setting of 0 not displaying the splash screen at all. This setting applies to both the standard and custom boot screens.

    • Pres Size: Default = Small

      • There are two font size options for displaying the Regulator Pressure – Large or Small

    • System (SYS) Sound: Default = On

      • Turns the system sounds ON or OFF, including the startup, shutdown, and enter/exit menu sounds.

    • JSTK Sounds: Default = On

    • Joystick Sounds: Enables a beep when the joystick is activated when setting is ON

    • Lube Alert: Default = On

      • This setting turns the Slick Assistant lube alerts ON or OFF. The Slick Assistant lubrication monitoring system will alert the user if it is time to re-lube the marker. This alert plays a sound and shows a special alert message on screen when the marker is turned on. It also plays a sound if the Slick Assistant Lube Gauge is displayed during live mode.

    • Reset Lube

      • Allows the user to reset the lube gauge to it's default setting

    • Training: Default = Off

      • When training mode is ON, while in Live Mode, instead of the marker cycling the solenoid, it will chirp quickly. The eyes are bypassed. This is for users to practice trigger activation without the need for an air source. Note – the marker will not fire while training mode is on.

    • RST Shots:

      • Allows user to reset their shot counter when YES is selected

    • FCTRY RST:

      • Resets all settings to factory defaults when YES is selected

    • Tournament Lock:

      • Tournament lock is a feature that prevents the marker from entering the Settings Mode while in the field, to allow the marker to be tournament legal. See your tournament’s rule book for an explanation on what is required to lock your marker. Tournament Lock can be turned on/ off by using the dip switch located on the Main circuit board. See page 26 in the manual for instructions on accessing the Main circuit board (Ref image below). Flip the dip switch to the ON position to activate the Tournament Lock. When Tournament lock is ON, Settings Mode cannot be activated


Reference the manual for additional details on these settings.

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