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2K2: Leaking Down Barrel

Gun has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below.

Air Pressures:
  • Zero out your HPR and LPR regs, then listen for any leaks. Regs are zeroed out by turning the adjustment screw out till it's flush with the bottom/outside of the reg. If there are no leaks, use the following steps for the HPR and LPR.

    • HPR: Slowly increase your HPR (turn inwards) pressure. If it starts leaking, use the steps below to check your cup seal and Ram Sleeve o-rings.

    • LPR: Slowly increase your LPR to 75psi. If it starts leaking, replace the poppet o-ring and front ram o-ring as described below.

  • Remove your bolt and confirm the hole is facing down. While you have the bolt out, inspect the o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Lube with a drop of Tri-Flow oil on each.

  • With the bolt out, remove the Ram Cap and the Ram. Inspect the the Ram cap o-ring as well as the front and rear Ram o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Lube with a small amount of Dow55. Do not lubricate the Ram itself. 

    • Front Ram o-ring:  006

    • Rear Ram o-ring:  011

    • Ram Cap o-ring:  011

  • Carefully remove the Poppet with a small pair of pliers and inspect the poppet o-ring for damage and replace if needed. Lube with Dow55. With the poppet out, inspect the cup seal for anything that would cause it not to seal properly such as nicks, scratches, etc. If damage is found, replace your poppet. Be careful not to damage the o-ring or cup seal when re-installing.

    • Poppet o-ring:  004

2k2 poppet and spring.jpg
Ram Sleeve:
  • With the trigger frame removed, access the bottom of your marker. Remove the following items from the Ram Sleeve: Front and rear air barbs, fiber washers at the base of the air barbs and the retaining screw. Once removed, caefully slide out the Ram Sleeve and inspect the o-rings for damage. Replace the o-rings if needed and lube with Dow55. Be careful not to damage the o-rings when re-installing.

    • Ram Sleeve o-rings: 015 x2

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