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2K2: Velocity Issue

Marker has inconsistent velocity or you're not able to adjust it. Check the items below and reference the manual as needed.

Unable to Adjust Reg Pressure:
  • HPR or LPR: Disassemble your regulators and check the following:

    • Debris: Look for debris between the valve and seal of the pin valve. Clean, re-lube o-rings with Dow55 if needed and reassemble.

    • Bent Pin Valve: Inspect the schrader pin valve to make sure it's not bent. If bent or damaged, remove and replace Pin Valve.

Schrader Pin Valve.jpg
  • Reg Pressures: Use a pressure tester and verify that your HPR is set at 180psi and your LPR is set between 70-75psi. Adjust if needed.

  • HPR: Disassemble your HPR and lube the piston o-ring.  

    • HPR Piston o-ring:  113 (Dura 70)

  • Ram: With the bolt out, remove the Ram Cap and the Ram. Inspect the the front and rear Ram o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Lube with a small amount of Dow55. Do not lubricate the Ram itself. 

    • Front Ram o-ring:  006 (Dura 70)

    • Rear Ram o-ring:  011 (Dura 70)

    • Ram Cap o-ring:  011 (Dura 70)

  • Paintballs: Be sure you have a good paint to barrel match and you're using quality paintballs.

Inconsistent Velocity:
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