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2K2: Shooting Issue

Marker will not fire or has a problem firing. Check the items below and reference the manual as needed.

Gun is aired up and will not fire:
  • If your bolt moves with no problems, you might have a pinched hose. Remove your trigger frame and check your hoses and re-position if needed.

  • If your bolt does not move, the solenoid flap might be wedged against the Trigger Spring housing, which can cause this issue. Remove your grip and reposition the trigger solenoid.

  • Carefully remove the Poppet with a small pair of pliers and lube with Dow55. A dry poppet o-ring can cause an issue firing. Be careful not to damage the o-ring or cup seal when reassembling. Reference the video below for details on accessing the Poppet.

Marker Fires with low first shot:
Marker cycles, but will not fire:
  • HPR: Check the pressure for your High Pressure Regulator as it might be set too low. If so, turn the adjustment screw inwards to increase pressure and re-test firing. Repeat if needed. Reference the video below for details on using a pressure tester.

  • Dwell: Dwell is set too low. Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default setting of 6ms.

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