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G6R: Velocity Issue

Marker has inconsistent velocity or your not able to adjust the pressure. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.

Inconsistent Velocity:
  • Battery: Make sure you start with a brand new battery in your gun as an old one will cause issues. 

  • Pressures: Using a pressure tester, verify your LPR is set to 70psi and your HPR is sitting at 180psi. Adjust if necessary. 

  • Dwell: Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default setting of 6ms.

  • Ram: Start by removing the bolt then the retaining screw and back cap. Next, remove the ram and wipe it down to remove dirt and old lube. Inspect the o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Apply a small amount of Dow55 to the front and rear o-rings before reassembling. 

    • Ram cap o-ring: 1mm x 15mm (Dura 70)

    • Front ram o-ring: 006 (Dura 70)

    • Rear ram o-ring: 011 (Dura 70)

  • HPR: Disassemble your reg and check the piston o-ring for damage and replace if needed. 

    • Piston o-ring: 016

LPR Spikes:
  • Remove your LPR and disassemble in order to clean and inspect your o-rings. Replace any damaged or nicked o-rings and lube with Dow55. Reference page 11 of the manual for step-by-step instructions for removing

    • Tip for Removing the LPR Piston (Credit goes to Mike from Techpb): Take a standard nail, put a very small drop of superglue on the head of the nail then press the nail against the top of the piston. Set the LPR down so it's upright and let the superglue dry for 5 mins. After it's dry, pull out the piston and gently break off the nail and remove any dried superglue on the piston.

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