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Marq: Leak Down Barrel

Gun has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below and reference the manual as needed. 

  • Note: Low pressure tanks are recommended for the Marq. This includes tanks between 400-500psi

Firing Engine:
  • Firing Engine: Remove the engine from the marker and replace the two o-rings (size 022) on the Volume Chamber and the four o-rings (size 022) on the Ram Housing (Pic from the manual included above). Dow55 can be used for these o-rings, but Lurker lube or Tri-Flow oil is recommended. 

  • Poppet: Remove, inspect and wipe the poppet clean. Remove any lube found on the cup seal (white delrin portion) and on the back of the poppet assembly. Excess lube in these areas of the poppet will cause a leak down the barrel. The only portion of the poppet that should be lubed is the o-rings.

  • Poppet o-rings: Inspect and replace the poppet o-rings (Front poppet assembly aka cup seal 012, rear assembly 010, & internal poppet shaft 008). Lube with Dow55 or Dow33

  • #14 - Poppet Assembly

    • #15 - Front poppet assembly o-ring (cup seal, white portion):  012

    • #20 - Rear poppet assembly o-ring:  010

    • #13 - Rear Internal poppet assembly o-ring:  008

  • Ram: Inspect and replace the ram shaft o-ring (011) if damaged. Lube with Dow55.

  • #12 - Ram Shaft:

    • #11 - Ram Shaft o-ring:  011

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