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Marq: Frame Leak

Marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below and reference the manual as needed.

  • Note: Low pressure tanks are recommended for the Marq. This includes tanks between 400-500psi

Reg Pressures:
  • HPR/LPR Pressures: Using a pressure tester, check the pressures on your marker to confirm it's not over-pressurized. Your LPR should be set to 80psi and your HPR should be at 230psi. Adjust if necessary.

  • Engine Assembly: Remove the engine and verify the holes on the engine itself are aligned with the rear tab. These holes (as well as the tab) allow the engine to fire and should be pointing down when the engine is reinserted into the gun.

Engine Assembly:
LPR Piston:
  • LPR: Remove and disassemble your LPR and inspect the piston o-ring for damage. Replace if needed and lube with Dow55 before reassembling. 

    • LPR Piston o-ring:  012

  • Note: Lube o-rings with Dow33 or Superlube.

  • Inspect Manifold:

    • Remove the grip frame and verify the hose connected to the solenoid manifold is secure and undamaged. Replace the hose if damaged. 

      • Note: The solenoid manifold is the brass part attached to the solenoid where the hose connects. Photo included in the slideshow above.

    • Remove the 2 solenoid manifold retaining screws and remove the manifold itself. Inspect the manifold o-ring for damage. Replace if needed.

      • Solenoid Manifold o-ring:  1x3mm

  • Leaking from small hole next to the manifold:

    • Marker is over pressurized. Use a pressure tester and verify your LPR is set to 80psi

  • Body O-Rings: Remove the solenoid and inspect the body o-rings (1x3mm) for damage. Replace if needed.

    • Solenoid Body o-rings:  1x3mm (qty. 2)

  • Foreign material has lodged inside solenoid: 

    • If you suspect there is debris lodged inside your solenoid, you can 1) use one of the following guides to service your Humphrey solenoid (at your own risk) or 2) contact Blast for assistance.

    • Service your solenoid:

    • Contact info for Bob Long Direct: 

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