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Marq 6/7: Maintenance

Three digit numbers (example 011) indicate o-ring sizes. Hashtag (#) indicates ID/number from the manual

Recommended Lube:
  • Dow55: Specifically designed for use with O-rings & causes them to swell to assist in maintaining a better seal. This can be used throughout your marker (do not use on your bolt). Will require more frequent maintenance.

  • Dow33: Can be used on everything except the Ram Sleeve o-rings& your bolt. Increases time required between maintenance intervals.

  • Tri-Flow Oil: This is the only thing you should use on your bolt o-rings. One drop rubbed in will be plenty.

Between Games:
  • Clean your barrel

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker

  • Remove the engine and inspect the o-rings on the bolt and the outside of the Volume Chamber and Ram Housing for damage and replace if needed. Wipe down the engine to remove any old lube or debris and lube with Dow55 (or other recommended lube). Tip from Mike at techpb video: If you find that you're damaging your o-rings when reassembling, try lubing these o-rings with a small amount of Tri-Flow oil or lurker lube instead. 

  • #18 - Bolt:

    • #19 - Bolt o-rings:  015 (qty: 2)

  • #17 - Volume Chamber:

    • #7 - Volume Chamber o-rings (outer):  022 (qty: 2)

  • #9 - Ram Housing:

    • #7 - Ram Housing Threads o-ring:  018

    • #10 - Ram Housing o-rings (outer):  022 (qty: 4)

After 1-2 Cases of Paint:
Marq Maintenance Video:
After 2-4 Cases of Paint:
  • Repeat the items above

  • Ram: Remove the Ram Shaft from the Ram Housing and wipe it down to remove any old lube or debris. Inspect the Ram Shaft o-ring for damage and replace if needed. Lube the o-ring with Dow55 before reassembling. 

  • #12 - Ram Shaft

    • #11 - Ram Shaft o-ring:  011

  • Repeat the items above

  • High Pressure Regulator (HPR): Unscrew the HPR from the body of the marker and disassemble it to access the piston. Wipe down the internal parts of the reg to remove old lube and/or debris and inspect the piston o-ring for damage, replace if needed. Lube o-rings with Dow55 prior to reassembling. 

  • #5 - HPR Piston:

    • Piston o-ring:  016

  • Low Pressure Regulator (LPR): Remove your grip/trigger frame to gain access to the LPR. Disassemble the LPR and inspect the Piston o-ring for damage and replace if needed. Remove any existing lube and/or debris then re-lube the piston o-ring with Dow 55.

  • #3 LPR Piston:

    • LPR piston o-ring:  012

After 5 Cases of Paint:
After 7-8 Cases of Paint:
  • Repeat the items above

  • Poppet: Remove the Firing Engine and separate the halves to gain access to the poppet. This will require removing the Bolt and unscrewing the Volume Chamber. Wipe down the poppet to remove any old lube and/or debris. Inspect the poppet o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Lube the o-rings with Dow 55 before reassembling, including the rear (internal) poppet assembly o-ring. This is the o-ring that comes in contact with the Ram Shaft. Note: ONLY the o-rings should be lubed. DO NOT put lube on any other parts of the poppet or you'll be taking it apart again when your poppet isn't sealing correctly.  

  • #14 - Poppet Assembly

    • #15 - Front poppet assembly o-ring (cup seal, white portion):  012

    • #20 - Rear poppet assembly o-ring:  010

    • #13 - Rear Internal poppet assembly o-ring:  008

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