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Marq: Velocity Issue

Marker has inconsistent velocity or you're not able to adjust the output pressure. Check the items below and reference the manual as needed.

Inconsistent Velocity:
  • Paint: Check that you have a good paint to barrel match and that you are using quality paintballs.

  • Dwell: Dwell is set too low. Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default of 6ms. 

  • Pressures: Using a pressure tester, verify your LPR is set between 70-80psi and your HPR is sitting at 230psi. Adjust if necessary.

  • Engine:

    • Transfer Hole: Check the transfer hole for anything that might cause a blockage (small piece of o-ring). Note: The transfer hole is a small channel located at the back of the marker. 

    • Alignment: Verify that the holes on the engine are aligned with the rear tab. These holes (as well as the tab) should be pointing down when the engine is reinserted into the body.

  • HPR: Disassemble your HPR and lube the piston o-ring. While you have it taken apart, inspect the other o-rings for nicks/damage and replace if needed. Lube with Dow55 

    • #5 - HPR Piston o-ring:  016

    • #1 - ASA Swivel Adapter o-ring:  014 (qty 2)

    • #1 - ASA Swivel Neck o-ring (gray in diagram):  015

    • #3 - 360 Upper Regulator Housing o-ring:  018

  • Ram: With the engine out, remove the Ram Shaft and Inspect the Ram shaft o-ring for damage and replace if needed. Lube with a small amount of Dow55. Do not lubricate the Ram shaft itself.  

    • #11 - Ram shaft o-ring:  011 

  • LPR: Remove and disassemble your LPR and inspect the piston o-ring for damage. Replace if needed and lube with Dow55 before reassembling (Reference pic of the LPR from the manual in slideshow above).

    • #3 - LPR Piston o-ring:  012 

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