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Vice/Protege: Frame Leak

Marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed.

  • Remove your vertical adapter (HPR) and verify that the LPR retaining screw is tight enough to create a good seal between the frame and the body. If this doesn't resolve the problem, remove the grip frame and check the following:

    • Solenoid Hose: Remove the trigger frame and check the air hose connected to the solenoid for damage and replace the hose if needed. 

    • Race track o-ring: Remove the race track o-ring (aka Primary Air Chamber Gasket) and wipe down the groove where the o-ring sits. Inspect this o-ring for any nicks or damage that might cause an issue and replace if needed. Once you're ready to reinstall, re-lube your o-ring with Dow 55 and make sure you properly seat it in the groove.

      • Race Track o-ring (aka Primary air chamber gasket o-ring): 028 (Dura 70)

    • Macro Line & Fitting: Check the following:

      • Fitting: Check the elbow fitting for debris and remove if if needed.

      • Macro Line: Check your macro line for leaks and replace if any are found. Make sure you have a nice clean cut on both ends of the line.

    • HPR: Disassemble your reg and check the piston o-ring for damage and replace if needed. 

      • HPR Piston o-ring: 016

    • Pressures: Could be that your marker is over pressurized. Using a pressure tester, verify your LPR is set to 70-75psi and your HPR is sitting at 170psi. Adjust if necessary.

    • Poppet: Before jumping directly into the noid, remove the poppet and inspect the cup seal portion for any nicks or damage that would cause it not to seal correctly. This will often times cause issues that make it appear to be an issue with your noid. If the cup seal is damaged, replace the poppet. Note: The cup seal is the white delrin piece on the front of the poppet shaft that looks like a plug.

    • Solenoid: If you have in fact confirmed that your solenoid is the culprit, you have a few options. Take the brave route and attempt to inspect and service the solenoid yourself, or, contact Bob Long Direct and make arrangements to send your gun to the super guru's at Blast and let them confirm and fix the problem for you. If you're like me and enjoy a challenge, included below are links to step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on disassembling your solenoid. If you'd like to send it in, use the following info to contact Bob Long Direct:

      • Contact info for Bob Long Direct: 

    • Service your solenoid:

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