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G3: Maintenance

Three digit numbers (example 011) indicate o-ring sizes. Hashtag indicates ID/number from the manual

Best Lubes for your G3:
  • Dow33, Violent PB Jelly, Monkey Poo, Lurker Lube, TechT Gun Sav

Between Games:
  • Clean your barrel

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker

  • Remove the back cap and bolt and wipe them down to remove any lube or debris. Next, inspect the o-rings on the back cap & inside the breach for any visible damage and replace if needed. Before reinstalling, lube the o-rings with a small amount of Dow33.

    • #12 - Large Back Cap o-ring: 21.95mm ID x 1.78mm CS (x2)

    • #11 - Small Back Cap o-ring: 13mm ID x 2mm CS

    • #3 - Front & Mid Breach o-ring: 17.17mm ID x 1.78 CS (x2)

    • #6 - Rear Breach o-ring: 19mm ID x 2mm CS

After 1-2 Cases of Paint:
Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.16.39 PM.png
G3 Maintenance Video:
After 2-4 Cases of Paint:
  • Repeat the items above

  • Repeat the items above.

  • Remove the Operating Pressure Regulator (aka OPR or HPR) by unscrewing it (counterclockwise) from the body of your marker. Next, separate the cap and body using the strength from your Hulk like hands or with the help of a strap wrench. Disassemble your High Pressure Regulator (aka HPR) and inspect the piston o-rings for damage and replace if needed. Lube with Dow33.

    • #2 - Piston o-ring (large): 18.77mm ID x 1.78mm CS

    • #75 - Piston o-ring (small): 4.47mm ID x 1.78mm CS 

After 10 Cases of Paint (1 Month):
After 20 Cases of Paint (2 Months):
  • Repeat the items above

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