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DM4: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

Set LPR/HPR to Default
  • Start by setting the LPR and HPR to their stock setting

    • LPR: 5 turns out/counter-clockwise

    • HPR: 3 1/2 turns out/counter-clockwise

  • Start by removing the front and rear trigger frame screws and separate the frame from the body. Next, air up the gun and verify where the leak is coming from.

Verify Location of the Leak:
Leaking from the LPR:
  • Remove the LPR and replace the o-rings listed below. Lube with Dye slick lube (or other Dow33 based lube) before reassembling. 

    • #5 - LPR Body: 015 (qty 3)

    • #6 - Piston (small): 006 - UR90

Dye DM4 LPR.jpg
On/Off Valve Test:
  • Turn the on/off valve (under the barrel) to the off position (dimples will be facing up and down)

  • If the leak continues, the leak is coming from the on/off valve and you should replace the o-rings listed below. The 009 o-ring is more than likely the culprit and can sometimes be a pain to keep it in place when re-inserting the on-off valve. If this is the case, try using a 009 UR70 o-ring (Bolt Stem o-ring) instead. Reference the <maintenance section> for steps on removing the on/off valve. Be careful when re-inserting the on/off valve. It’s very easy to nick/damage an o-ring.

    • #1 LPR Side: 009  - UR90  (This o-ring is more than likely the culprit)

    • #2 LPR Body: 012  (qty. 2)

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 5.14.27 PM.png
  • If the leak stops, try the following:

    • Fuse Bolt: Use a 1/4” hex key to remove the Fuse bolt and replace the following o-rings (pictured below):

      • #2 - Bolt Sail: 015

      • #8 - Outer Sleeve: 020 (The one on the middle of the Cylinder aka Beer Can)

    • Solenoid: Remove the solenoid and apply lube to the solenoid gasket (pictured below):

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 5.01.33 PM.png
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