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A5: Frame Leak

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

Leaking Tombstone, from Barrel or Frame:
  • The process for troubleshooting these leaks is very similar & worth doing an all in one check. The culprit is typically due to a damaged external valve o-ring (size shown below), however, be sure to check the others while you have things taken apart

  • Use the steps below to disassemble your A-5. 

  • Start by disconnecting your air tank & degassing your A-5. Do this by cocking it & pulling the trigger with it pointing in a safe direction. Do not re-cock it

  • Next, remove the 2 push pins (#44 in the manual) near the gas line (Tombstone) & the 2 from the rear next to the end cap

  • Remove the end cap & pull out the guide pin & drive spring

  • Next, remove the grip frame (trigger portion) by pulling it down then disconnect the tombstone using the latch. Inspect it for dirt & damage

  • Slide the bolt assembly out of the rear of the marker & wipe down each of the parts. If you're having trouble removing it, loosen the screws near the rear of the marker first

  • Slide the valve out from the Power-Tube & replace this o-ring. Be sure to apply oil to it before  re-assembling

    • Valve Assembly:

      • #2 Valve o-ring: 98-12A

      • #3 Valve Internal o-ring: SL2-25

        • ​If you replace the internal o-ring, use the following video for a step-by-step walk-through of the process

Valve Disassembly:
  • While you have these parts out, inspect the o-rings on the front & rear bolt & replace them if damaged or worn

    • Bolt Assembly:

      • #14 Front bolt o-ring: SL2-4

      • #20 Rear bolt o-ring: 98-12A

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