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Axe: Leaking Down Barrel

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed. 

First Things First:
  • Before starting, be sure you're using a new battery and a low-pressure air tank (400-450psi) & that the input pressure on the gauge is 200psi. If not, be sure to adjust the regulator adjustment screw (clock-wise to decrease, counter-clockwise to increase)

Reset the Poppet:
  • Steps:

    • Remove air tank

    • Turn velocity adjuster on the ASA all the way in

    • Add your air tank.

      • If the leak is gone, back out the velocity adjuster 3/4 of a turn at a time and measure velocity with a chronograph. Adjust as needed.

      • If while backing out the adjuster a small leak occurs, check the poppet seal face. Replace if worn or damaged. (Item #32 on the diagram in the manual)

Reset the Solenoid:
  • Steps:

    • Before starting, remove your grips & make sure the solenoid is properly connected to the board & that the trigger is making contact with the switch on the circuit board

    • Next, turn your eyes off & pull the trigger a max of ten times. If the solenoid starts to click, it's been reset & you're good. If the solenoid fails to click, it might need to be serviced or replaced.  

      • Note: Only a trained technician should service the solenoid as doing it yourself will void the warranty.

Check Bolt Assembly:
  • Steps:

    • Remove your air tank and de-gas your marker

    • Remove the the bolt assembly and inspect the O-rings on the bolt, bolt guide & Poppet. Replace any that are worn or damaged. Wipe everything down with a clean rag & lube all O-rings with a small amount of either the grease supplied with your marker or Dow 33

      • Bolt:

        • #11 - Bolt: 017 (x2)

      • Bolt Guide:

        • #13 - Bolt Guide small (front): 1.5mm x 12mm (x4)

        • #44 - Bolt Guide large (rear): 23mm x 2.6mm or 118 (x3)

        • #14 - Bolt Guide Cap: 2mm x 13mm

      • Poppet:

        • #16 Poppet: 2mm x 10mm or 013 (UR90)

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