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Axe: Default Settings

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Default Settings:
  • Dwell: 8.0ms

  • Max Rate of Fire: 15.0bps

    • 1 shot per trigger pull (NPPL/Semi Auto)

  • Ball in Place (BIP) Delay: 5ms

    • If you are not using a force-feed loader, use a higher BIP setting

  • Ramp Start: 3 Shots

    • Number of semi-auto shots that must be fired before ramping will start

  • Ramp Sustain: 3TPS (trigger pulls per second)

    • Number of TPS that must be achieved and sustained for ramp to kick in.

  • Operating Pressure: 190psi

    • Pressure can be set between 180 - 200psi

    • Never set the pressure above 200psi

    • Low Pressure Tanks are Recommended 400-450psi


Reference the manual for details on LED light indicators and DIP switch settings.

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