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Axe: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

Bolt Assembly:
  • Remove your air tank and degas your marker

  • Remove the the bolt assembly and inspect the O-rings on the bolt, bolt guide & Poppet. Replace any that are worn or damaged. Wipe everything down with a clean rag & lube all O-rings with a small amount of either the grease supplied with your marker or Dow 33

    • Bolt:

      • #11 - Bolt: 017 (x2)

    • Bolt Guide:

      • #13 - Bolt Guide small (front): 1.5mm x 12mm (x4)

      • #44 - Bolt Guide large (rear): 23mm x 2.6mm or 118 (x3)

      • #14 - Bolt Guide Cap: 2mm x 13mm

    • Poppet:

      • #16 Poppet: 2mm x 10mm or 013 (UR90)

Axe Maintenance:
Air Transfer Tube:
  • Start by removing your grips (4 screws - #29 in manual) then remove the grip frame (2 screws - #28 in manual)

  • Carefully separate the frame & the body making sure you don't lose the locking components for the bolt guide

  • Unscrew the air transfer tube from the body and inspect the o-rings. Replace if worn or damaged & lube with a small amount of lube (Dow33 or Planet Eclipse lube)

    • #20 - Male Transfer Tube Top o-ring: 1mm x 12mm

    • #21 - Male Transfer Tube Bottom o-ring: 0.8mm x 12mm

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