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Axe: Maintenance

Pound-sign (#) indicates the ID/number from the diagram in the manual

Skipping this maintenance will cause your gun to break down and get you lit up like a Christmas tree.

Best Lubes for your DM5:
  • Use the lube that came with your Axe or Dow33

    • Dow33 may give you more play time between changing o-rings

Between Games:
  • Clean your barrel using a clean swab or rag

  • Wipe down the outside of your marker. Do not use household cleaners or rinse off marker with water

  • Repeat the items above

  • Remove the bolt assembly and inspect the o-rings for damage and replace if needed

    • #11 - Bolt: 017 (x2)

    • #13 - Bolt Guide small (front): 1.5mm x 12mm (x4)

    • #44 - Bolt Guide large (rear): 23mm x 2.6mm or 118 (x3)

After 1-2 Cases of Paint (2k-4k):
Axe Maintenance:
After 5 Cases of Paint (10k):
  • Repeat the items above

  • Remove your bolt assembly and replace all of the o-rings below

    • Bolt:

      • #11 - Bolt: 017 (x2)

    • Bolt Guide:

      • #13 - Bolt Guide small (front): 1.5mm x 12mm (x4)

      • #44 - Bolt Guide large (rear): 23mm x 2.6mm or 118 (x3)

      • #14 - Bolt Guide Cap: 2mm x 13mm

    • Poppet:

      • #16 - Poppet o-ring: 2mm x 10mm or 013 (UR90)

      • Screw cap in all the way then out a half to 3/4 turn. If your reg pressure is at 200psi, this will put you at 290fps

  • Repeat the items above

  • Air Transfer Tube & ASA/Reg

    • Start by removing your grips (4 screws - #29 in manual) then remove the grip frame (2 screws - #28 in manual)

    • Carefully separate the frame & the body making sure you don't lose the locking components for the bolt guide

    • Unscrew the air transfer tube from the body and inspect the o-rings. Replace the o-rings listed below & lube with a small amount of grease (Dow33 or Planet Eclipse)

      • #20 - Male Transfer Tube Top o-ring: 1mm x 12mm

      • #21 - Male Transfer Tube Bottom o-ring: 0.8mm x 12mm

      • #23 - ASA to Frame (Transfer Tube female) o-ring: 4.9mm x 1.9mm

  • Note: There is no need to service your Regulator or Solenoid unless your marker is having issues, however, doing it yourself will void your warranty. If you'd like to send it in, contact Kee Sports to set it up. 

    • ​KEE Action Sports product and technical support is provided by Paintball Solutions

    • For customer service and technical support please call 800-220-3222 in the United States or e-mail:

After 10 Cases of Paint (1 Month):
After 20 Cases of Paint (2 Months):
  • Repeat the items above

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