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Axe: Shooting Issue

Marker will not fire or has a problem firing. Check the items below. Reference the manual if needed.

Aired Up with No Leaks & Won't Fire:
  • Before starting, be sure you're using a new battery and a low-pressure air tank (400-450psi). Your marker should also not have any leaks. Next, perform the following general checks:

    • Connectors: Check that all connectors going to the main board are properly seated (battery harness, eyes, etc.)

    • LED: When a paintball is in the chamber/breech, make sure the LED located on the back of the foregrip is blinking green rapidly.

    • Pressure: Verify that the gauge on your ASA/regulator shows 200psi. Adjust if necessary.

    • Dwell: Check your dwell & reset it to the factory default setting of 8ms.

    • Trigger Check: When you squeeze the trigger, the LED light should stay solid red, indicating it's making contact with the board. Once released, the LED should blink (if no ball in breech). If this is not the case, the trigger may need to be adjusted. Reference the "Adjusting your trigger" section in the manual.

Multiple Balls Fired on Single Shot:
  • Detents Sticking: Clean your detents with a cloth to prevent paintballs from getting catching on the detents. A small amount of grease can also be added to allow for easier passage

Marker Fires with Low First Shot:
  • Dwell: Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default setting of 8ms

  • Pressures: Verify that the gauge on your ASA/regulator shows 200psi. Adjust if necessary

Marker Fires Slowly:
  • Bolt Assembly Needs Grease: Remove the the bolt assembly and wipe down bolt & bolt guide to remove all of the old grease. Apply a small amount of new grease to each of the o-rings

  • Rate of Fire: Try increasing your marker's rate of fire

  • Loader too Slow: A loader in need of new batteries or one that doesn't feed fast enough to keep up with your current rate of fire setting, can cause this issue

Marker is Breaking Paint:
  • Air Pressure: Verify your pressure gauge is sitting at 200psi. Adjust if necessary

  • Eyes: Check the eyes and make sure they are on and functional

  • Detents: Check your detents for excessive wear/damage. Clean or replace if needed

  • Breach: Inspect the breach to confirm there isn't any debris that would cause you to break paint

  • Paint: Make sure you're using good quality paintballs and that you have a good paint to barrel match. Check video below for details.

    • Bolt Assembly:

      • Remove your air tank and degas your marker

      • Remove the the bolt assembly and inspect the O-rings on the bolt & the bolt guide. Also check the bolt rubber tip. Replace if worn or damaged. Wipe everything down with a clean rag & lube all O-rings with a small amount the grease supplied with your marker or Dow 33

      • Bolt:

        • #11 - Bolt: 017 (x2)

      • Bolt Guide:

        • #13 - Bolt Guide small (front): 1.5mm x 12mm (x4)

        • #44 - Bolt Guide large (rear): 23mm x 2.6mm or 118 (x3)

        • #14 - Bolt Guide Cap: 2mm x 13mm

Bolt Maintenance:
  • Check Valve: Confirm the check-valve is not missing. It's a small plastic piece located between the body & air transfer plate (figure 15.3 in the manual). To get to the check-valve, do the following:

    • Remove the fore grip & the grip frame

    • Next, unplug the solenoid from the board

    • Remove the solenoid & male air transfer tube from the air transfer plate by unscrewing them counter-clockwise

    • Remove the air transfer plate screws (6 total - 5/64 allen key)

    • Remove the air transfer plate & inspect the check-valve. Use a small amount of grease to keep it in place

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