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Axe: ASA/Regulator Leak

If your marker is leaking from the HPR. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

First Things First:
  • Start by putting a couple drops of paintball gun oil in the ASA as this area can get dried out. Just be careful not to get it on the tank o-rings or you may have some trouble unscrewing the tank. Once connected, air up your marker & dry fire it a few times.

Air Transfer Tube Female O-ring:
  • Remove your grips (4 screws - #29 in manual) then use a 3/32 allen key to loosen the regulator mount screws located near the bottom of the grip (2 screws - #25 in manual). Remove the regulator & regulator mount from the grip frame. Check the female air transfer tube bottom O-ring & replace if worn or damaged.

    • #23 - Air Transfer Tube Female o-ring: 4.9mm x 1.9mm

Servicing the Regulator:
  • WARNING: Servicing the regulator will void your warranty. If you no longer have a warranty or still want to do it yourself, use the video below for a step-by-step guide

Axe Reg Maintenance:
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