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Etek 5: Default Settings

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Default Settings:
  • Dwell: 12ms

    • Time it takes for the solenoid to energize for each shot

  • Kick In: 5pps (Pulls Per Second)

    • Rate the trigger has to be pulled before ramping can start

  • Restart: 1 sec

    • Time (in seconds) that ramping can be restarted after the last trigger pull

  • Debounce: 5

    • Debounce filter setting helps the board filter noise to only read actual trigger pulls

  • Sleep: 20 min

    • Auto Power off

  • Max Rate of Fire: 15bps (Breech Sensor on)

  • Max Rate of Fire: 10bps (Breech Sensor off)

  • LPR Output Pressure: Using a 1/8 inch hex key, turn the LPR adjuster screw (look for the hole above & in front of the SL4 reg) clockwise all the way. Next, turn it counter-clockwise one full turn


Reference the manual for details on LED light indicators and changing your default settings.

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