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Etek 5: SL4 Inline Reg Leak

If your marker is leaking from the HPR. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.​

First Things First:
  • Degas & power off your marker

Macro Line & Fitting:
  • Check the following:

    • Fitting: Check the silver macro line fittings for proper connection & ensure they don't contain any debris

    • Macro Line: Check your macro line for damage & make sure you have a nice clean cut on both ends of the line

SL4 Inline Regulator:
  • Remove the rubber sleeve & disassemble your regulator. Note: Wipe down all parts as you remove them. Apply a small amount of Eclipse grease to all o-rings before re-assembling:

  • Swivel: Start by unscrewing the bottom of the reg (use a wrench if needed), then remove the swivel. Inspect the 2 swivel o-rings for damage & replace if needed. Apply a small amount of Eclipse grease to each of the o-rings before reinstalling

    • Swivel o-rings: 015 NBR70 (x2)

  • Frame: Next, unscrew the inline reg from the frame & inspect the o-ring above the threads near the body.

    • Front Reg Mount: 017 NBR70

  • HPR Piston: Remove the piston & spring from the body & inspect the piston o-ring for damage. Replace if needed

    • Piston o-ring: 14x2 NBR70

  • Reg Adjuster: Insert a 1/8 inch hex key into the adjuster screw & turn clockwise until it pushes through the reg body. Inspect the external o-rings on the adjuster top & bottom. Then, visually inspect the internal o-ring located inside the adjuster top & replace if needed. Tip: Using your phone's camera, turn the flash on & take a picture of the internal o-ring. Zoom in to inspect for damage.

    • Adjuster top (External): 011 NBR70

    • Adjuster bottom (External): 011 NBR70

    • Adjuster top (Internal): 008 NBR70

Etek 5 Maintenance:
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