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Etek 5: Shooting Issue

Marker will not fire or has a problem firing. This assumes your gun is not currently leaking. Check the items below. Reference the manual if needed.

Aired Up with No Leaks & Won't Fire:
  • Battery: Make sure you start with a brand new battery in your gun as an old one will cause issues

  • ASA/OOPS: Check that OOPS knob is fully twisted & the pin on your ASA is making contact with your air tank

  • Connectors: Check that all connectors going to the main board are properly seated (battery harness, eyes, solenoid and trigger).

  • Trigger: Turn on your gun with the eyes off, pull the trigger and confirm that the solenoid clicks. If it doesn't, make sure the trigger is making contact with your micro switch. Reference the advanced section of the manual for details on adjusting it

  • Pressures

    • LPR: Start by setting your LPR output pressure to it's factory default setting

      • Using a 1/8 inch hex key, turn the LPR adjuster screw clockwise all the way. Next, turn it counter-clockwise one full turn. Hole is located below the barrel in the front of the gun

    • HPR: Confirm your adjustment screw is not turned all the way in (clockwise). If so, back it out until you're able to fire your marker. This will require chrono'ing your marker. Check out the video link below for details on tuning

  • Dwell: Check your dwell and try resetting it back to the factory default setting of 12ms.

  • Solenoid: Remove your trigger frame and check that the hose going into the solenoid isn't being pinched. If the hose & barb look good, you may have a bad solenoid
Etek 5 Tuning:
Multiple Balls Fired on Single Shot:
  • Detents Sticking: Clean your detents with a cloth to prevent paintballs from getting catching on the detents. A small amount of grease can also be added to allow for easier passage

Marker Fires with Low First Shot:
  • Dwell: Check your dwell and try resetting back to the factory default setting of 12ms

  • Pressures: Try increasing the output pressures of the LPR and SL4 Inline regulator

Marker Fires Slowly:
  • Loader too Slow: A loader in need of new batteries or one that doesn't feed fast enough to keep up with your current rate of fire setting, can cause this issue

Marker is Breaking Paint:
  • LRP/HPR Pressures: Chrono your marker & confirm you're getting a consistent velocity. If not, adjust your LPR & SL4 Regs as needed. If this doesn't help, Check the piston o-ring on both regs as well as the internal o-ring that connects with the piston stem.

  • Eyes: Check the eyes and make sure they are on, clean, and functional

  • Detents: Check your detents for excessive wear/damage. Replace if needed

  • Breach: Inspect the breach to confirm there isn't any debris that would cause you to break paint

  • Bolt Tip: Check the rubber bolt tip to confirm it's correctly installed & undamaged

  • Paint: Make sure you're using good quality paintballs & that you have a good paint to barrel match 

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