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A5: Cyclone Issues

Marker has inconsistent velocity or you're not able to adjust the pressure. Check the items below. Reference the manual as needed.

First Things First:
  • If your cyclone is having issues, be sure to check the following first:

    • Air: Check the level of your air tank & confirm you have enough pressure to feed your cyclone

    • Screws: Check the tightness of the 4 bottom screws on the cyclone. You want them to be just past fully screwed in

    • Banjo Fittings: Check your banjo fittings and air hose for damage & replace if needed

    • Feeder Screw: Make sure the feeder screw is not over-tightened & keeps the ratchet from turning. This screw should be tightened just enough to keep the sprockets in place.  To see if you have friction problems, try the manual feed rod slowly.  There should be some clicks and different degrees of resistance, but the Cyclone should advance smoothly. The Cyclone should keep up with the manual plunger & not get hung up

Cyclone Won't Advance/Spin:
  • Test out the feed by pushing the manual feed rod. If it doesn't spin, you have a mechanical issue

  • Pop out the 4 screws on the bottom of the cyclone push the piston again to see if it spins. Also check the following:

    • #4 Feeder Ratchet: Replace if it's not catching, has cracks, or is worn

    • #2 Ratchet Spring: Check condition & replace if bent or damaged

      • If your ratchet is fine, a little lithium grease under the ratchet might help it advance

Leak from Piston/Banjo Area:
  • Check the banjo fittings, piston U-Cup Seal & Cylinder Reset o-ring

    • #23 Banjo Fitting Assembly: 20-07

    • #13 Piston U-Cup Seal: 02-63

    • #17 Piston o-ring: SL2-6

      • Use the following video for help disassembling & maintaining the cyclone

Cyclone Maintenance:
Upgraded Cyclone no Longer Works:
  • The metal upgrade parts have been known to cause issues at times

  • Change your cyclone back to stock & see if it starts working again. If so, contact the company you purchased the upgrade parts from & let them know about the issue.

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