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A5: Issues Firing

Marker will not fire or has a problem firing. Check the items below. Reference the manual if needed.

Aired Up with No Leaks & Won't Fire:
  • Gun will not fire, or just barely fires. This assumes your gun is not currently leaking:

    • Battery (E-Grip Only): Make sure you start with a brand new battery in your gun as an old one will cause issues. 

    • ASA: Check that the pin on your ASA is making contact with your air tank and air is pressurizing your gun

    • Drive Spring:

      • If your drive spring is weak, you won't get enough air to the gun & the Cyclone will be starved. Try a different drive spring.

      • If you have a rear velocity adjuster, a stock, or anything else that replaces the endcap, take it off. Some don't put enough pressure on the drive spring, which gives the same result as a weak drive spring.

    • Remote Line: There are several places a remote line may have a small obstruction or leak.  Check each connector, & your slide check if you have one

Marker is Breaking Paint:
  • The Cyclone requires good paint due to how it roughly handles paint. Don't use cheap, old, or brittle tournament paintballs

    • Ball Latch/Detent: Check your detent for excessive wear/damage as this can cause multiple paintballs to load. Replace if needed

    • Breach: Inspect the breach to confirm there isn't any debris that would cause you to break paint

    • C02 & Cold Weather: C02 doesn't do well in cold weather. If possible, try switching to an HPA tank

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