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Ego11: Leak Down Barrel

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed

- Unless stated, all o-rings are NBR70

Leaking Down the Barrel:
  • Zick2 Rammer: Start by degassing your marker & removing the Cure3+ bolt. Next, remove the rammer, wipe it down & inspect/replace the o-rings listed below as one of them is most likely damaged. Apply a small amount of Eclipse gun oil to each of the o-rings before reinstalling. Reference the video below if needed.

    • #8 - Front Rammer: 009 

    • #9 - Rammer bumper: 009 

    • #10 - Rear Rammer: 011 

  • Valve Assembly: Remove your LPR & pop out the valve assembly & inspect these items for physical damage. Be sure to check the valve guide o-rings & replace if needed. Apply a small amount of Eclipse gun oil to the o-rings. Incorrect reassemble can also cause an issue

    • #04 Exhaust Valve (White or black delrin plug)

    • #68 Valve Guide & o-rings: 013 (x2)

Ego11 Rammer:
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