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Etha2: Default Settings

The following is a list of the factory default settings for your marker. Reference the manual as needed.

Inline Regulator:
  • Using a 1/8 inch hex key, turn the adjuster screw counter-clockwise (outwards) until it's flush with the POPS bottom body. Then, turn it clockwise (inwards) 4 turns

Board Presets:
  • Maximum ROF with BS on: 10.0

    • GREEN LED: Used to set the max rate of fire with the Break Beam Sensor on

  • Maximum ROF with BS off: 10

    • BLUE LED: Used to control how fast the marker cycles when the Break Beam Sensor System is disabled

  • Dwell: 23ms

    • PURPLE LED: Time it takes for the solenoid to energize for each shot

  • Debounce: 5

    • LIGHT BLUE LED: Used to combat any trigger bounce that might occur​​

Setup Mode/Reset to Factory Default:
  • Start by removing the breech cover sensor on the left-side of your Etha2 marker. This will allow you to access the tournament lock button

  • Hold the trigger & power on your marker

  • The status indicator LED will flash WHITE once you're in setup mode. Go ahead & release the trigger

  • A flashing RED status indicator means access to set-up mode is denied due to the tournament lock being on. Push the tournament lock button to turn it off and try again

  • While in set-up mode, press & hold the tournament lock button for 2 seconds. Once reset, the status indicator LED will flash BLUE

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