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Etha2: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below in the order shown, moving from one item to the next until the leak is gone.Reference the manual as needed 

- Unless stated, all o-rings are NBR70

Set Inline Reg to Default:
  • Try setting your inline reg to it's default setting. Using a 1/8 inch hex key, turn the adjuster screw counter-clockwise (outwards) until it's flush with the POPS bottom body. Then, turn it clockwise (inwards) 4 turns

Inline Regulator:
  • Start by replacing the Piston o-ring & the Internal Adjuster Top o-ring

    • Reference the steps and/or video below for help

  • Start by removing the two screws for the POPS assembly at the bottom of your grip and slide out your inline regulator

  • Next, unscrew the inline regulator from the POPS body

  • Unscrew the Reg Cap from the body which will give you access to the piston

  • Next, using a 1/8 hex key, turn the adjustment screw clockwise to remove the adjuster assembly

  • Wipe everything down & replace the piston o-ring & the internal adjuster top o-ring. Inspect the remaining o-rings for damage & replace as needed. Apply a small amount of Eclipse grease to the o-rings & the piston stem before re-assembling

  • Don't forget to set your reg to it's default setting as mentioned above

    • Reg Body: 015 (x2)

    • Adjuster Bottom: 011

    • Adjuster Top (External): 011

    • Adjust Top (Internal): 008

    • Piston o-ring: 4mm x 2mm

    • Inlet Pipe: 010 (x2)

Inline Regulator Maintenance:
Inline Regulator Exploded View:
  • If your solenoid is the culprit, it's worth completely disassembling & inspecting each of the gaskets/o-rings listed below. Replace any that you suspect might be damaged. If they look Ok, the issue might be with your solenoid pilot valve. Lube gaskets/o-rings with a small amount of Eclipse grease before re-assembling.

    • Solenoid Gasket: Body to Gun Body

    • Air Transfer Pipe o-ring: 010 (x2)

    • Solenoid Spool o-ring: #6 Seal - Custom (x2)

Solenoid Maintenance:
Solenoid Exploded View:
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