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Etha2: Leak Down Barrel

If your marker has an air leak down the barrel. Check the items below. ​Reference the manual as needed

- Unless stated, all o-rings are NBR70

Leaking Down the Barrel:
  • Gamma Core Bolt: Start by removing your bolt & disassemble it to access the Spool, Bolt Can & the Bolt. Wipe down & Inspect the o-rings listed below for damage & replace if needed.

    • Bolt Can (external): 020

    • Bolt Can (internal): 017

    • Spool (rear): 012 (x2)

    • Spool (middle): 011

    • Bolt (Rear): 14mm x 2mm

    • Bolt Guide (2nd from threads): 14mm x 2mm

Etha2 Bolt Maintenance:
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