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Etha2: Regulator Leak

If your marker is leaking from the Inline Regulator, check the items below in the order shown. Reference the manual as needed

First Things First:
  • Degas & power off your marker

Inline Regulator:
  • Try replacing your Piston o-ring & internal Adjuster Top o-ring

    • Follow the steps below and/or watch the video

  • Start by removing the two screws for the POPS assembly at the bottom of your grip and slide out your inline regulator

  • Next, unscrew the inline regulator from the POPS body

  • Unscrew the Reg Cap from the body to access the piston

  • Using a 1/8 hex key, turn the adjustment screw clockwise to remove the adjuster assembly

  • Wipe everything down & replace the piston o-ring & the internal adjuster top o-ring (sizes shown below). Inspect the remaining o-rings for damage & replace as needed. Apply a small amount of Eclipse grease to the o-rings & the piston stem before re-assembling

  • Inline Reg Default: Be sure to set your inline reg to it's default setting. Using a 1/8 inch hex key, turn the adjuster screw counter-clockwise (outwards) until it's flush with the POPS bottom body. Then, turn it clockwise (inwards) 4 turns

    • Reg Body: 015 (x2)

    • Adjuster Bottom: 011

    • Adjuster Top (External): 011

    • Adjust Top (Internal): 008

    • Piston o-ring: 4mm x 2mm

    • Inlet Pipe: 010 (x2)

Inline Reg Maintenance:
Inline Reg Exploded View:
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