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Spyder Victor: Frame Leak

If your marker is leaking from the frame. Check the items below.​ Reference the manual as needed. 

Valve Body:
  • Use the steps or the video below to inspect the Valve body & its o-rings for damage

  • Start by removing your C02 & degassing your marker

  • Remove your Bolt & Striker Bolt as mentioned above

  • The next part is pretty involved, be sure to reference the video if needed

  • Using a 3mm hex key, disconnect the ASA (under the grip) by removing the 2 set screws

  • Using a 13mm box wrench, disconnect the hose line from the silver fitting connected to the body of the marker

  • Next, remove the 2 set screws from the front & rear of the trigger frame using a 3mm hex key to separate it from the body

  • Using a 4mm hex key, remove the set screw for the Valve Body

  • Unscrew the vertical frame screw that holds the front plug in place (ref page 11 of the manual) in order to remove it

  • Next, you can remove the Valve Spring, Eko Valve Pin, Eko Cup Seal Guide and Eko Cup Seal

  • Remove the Valve Spring from the Front Plug & unscrew the Cup Seal from the Valve Pin. Inspect the Cup Seal for damage & replace if needed

  • Lastly, use a barrel swab (or something similar) to push out the Valve Body

  • With everything removed, wipe down the parts with a clean rag & inspect the Valve Body itself for damage & replace the Valve Body o-rings

  • Be sure to inspect the Cup Seal for damage as well & replace if needed

  • Be sure to apply a drop of oil to the o-rings before re-assembling

    • Valve Body: ITP025

    • Valve Body O-Rings: #15mm - 80 (x2)

    • Cup Seal: ITP023

Valve Replacement:
Valve Body & Cup Seal - Exploded:
Valve & Cup Seal.jpg
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