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Spyder Victor: Maintenance

For more info, be sure to check out the manual

Skipping this maintenance will cause your gun to break down and get you lit up like a Christmas tree.

Best Lubes for your Spyder:
  • Gold cup oil, or a quality paintball oil is recommended for lubricating the o-rings in your Spyder marker

Before Playing:
  • This Spyder marker is mechanical & doesn't require the same amount of maintenance as an electronic marker. That said, following the guidelines below will keep you ahead of the game

  • Put a drop of oil in your ASA before attaching your air tank. Once attached, test firing your marker a few times will lubricate your internals. Be sure to remove your barrel first.

Between Games:
  • Wipe down the outside of your marker with a clean rag

  • Remove the Delrin bolt and wipe it down. Apply two drops of oil to the bolt and rub it in before reinstalling. Make sure the air hole located in the middle of the bolt is facing downward when re-installed

  • Repeat the items above

After 1-2 Cases of Paint (2k-4k):
After 2-4 Cases of Paint (4k-8k):
  • Repeat the items above

  • Striker Bolt: Follow the steps below or check out the video

    • Start by removing your C02 & degassing your marker

    • With the bolt out, remove the Striker Plug by turning it clockwise

    • Next, remove the Striker Spring

    • To remove the rest of the components (Striker Bolt, Striker Buffer), squeeze & hold the trigger, then pop them out using a hammering type motion into your palm (reference the video below)

    • Note: The trigger is squeezed to prevent damage to the Striker Bolt o-ring during removal

      • Striker Bolt o-ring: #14.3mm x 1.7mm 70pu

Spyder Victor Maintenance:
  • Repeat the items above

After 5 Cases of Paint (10k):
After 10 Cases of Paint (20k or 2mo):
  • Repeat the items above

  • Cup Seal & Valve Body: Follow the steps below or check out the video

    • Start by removing your C02 & degassing your marker

    • Remove your Bolt & Striker Bolt as mentioned above

    • The next part is pretty involved, be sure to reference the video if needed

    • Using a 3mm hex key, disconnect the ASA (under the grip) by removing the 2 set screws

    • Using a 13mm box wrench, disconnect the hose line from the silver fitting connected to the body of the marker

    • Next, remove the 2 set screws from the front & rear of the trigger frame using a 3mm hex key to separate it from the body

    • Using a 4mm hex key, remove the set screw for the Valve Body

    • Unscrew the vertical frame screw that holds the front plug in place (ref page 11 of the manual) in order to remove it

    • Next, you can remove the Valve Spring, Eko Valve Pin, Eko Cup Seal Guide and Eko™ Cup Seal

    • Remove the Valve Spring from the Front Plug & unscrew the Cup Seal from the Valve Pin. Inspect the Cup Seal for damage & replace if needed

    • Lastly, use a barrel swab (or something similar) to push out the Valve Body

    • With everything removed, wipe everything down with a clean rag & inspect the Front Plug & Valve Body o-rings for damage and replace if needed

    • Be sure to apply a drop of oil to each of the o-rings before re-assembling

      • Front Plug o-ring#15mm - 80

      • Valve Body o-ring#15mm - 80 (x2)

Cup Seal Replacement:
Valve Body Replacement:
Valve & Cup Seal - Exploded View:
Valve & Cup Seal.jpg
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